We strive to accelerate the 'Switch' to a Greener Way of Life by engaging a proactive role towards a Sustainable Future.
The Call to Action was spurred by frequent occurrences of ecological disasters, pollution of our environment, and the declination of our planet’s natural resources.
<span>One Czech Republic</span>, every year <span>One Czech Republic</span>, every year

One Czech Republic, every year

Based of satellite data, our tropical forests are being destroyed at a rate of about 8 million hectares per year.
This equates to an area equivalent in size to the country Czech Republic.

<span>Fourteen Manhattans</span>,<br />every day

Fourteen Manhattans,
every day

Since the 1960s, nearly half of our rainforests have been lost. On average, everyday, about 81,000 hectares of rainforest are burned around the world. An area nearly 14 times the size of Manhattan.

<span>Swiss Blanket Glaciers</span>

Swiss Blanket Glaciers

Every year, residents of the Swiss Alps make their way through the mountains to the edge of the famous Rhône Glacier with fleecy white blankets in hand to cover up the ice. This is done in order to reflect the sun and prevent the glacier from melting.

Global warming is causing very rapid climate change, much quicker than nature itself would cause.

<span>Missing</span> Bees

Missing Bees

Between April 2015 and April 2016, beekeepers in the United States lost nearly 44 percent of their colonies and in the UK, beekeepers reported losses of almost 17 percent, according to the British Beekeepers Association.

Our main pollinators are under threat due to the widespread of pesticide use, climate change, and the emergence of foreign pests.

“Our Planet, Our Responsibility”
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