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Green Switch is a team of like-minded individuals that focuses on a holistic approach towards providing consumers with green products/services that contributes to a sustainable future. We ensure all our products are green compliant; in the process, raising awareness and educating our community on the urgent need for sustainability.

The founding members of Green Switch were brought together through a shared concern for our Planet. The catalyst to this alliance was our realization that current consumer habits and organizational practices were not sustainable.

The fact is our planet and its resources are declining at an unprecedented rate. Unsustainable practices will lead to an unsustainable future. Our planet is Our responsibility. Make the change!

Our mission towards our:


Implementing strict guidelines to ensure all Green Switch products are green compliant. To ensure our consumers are educated on the ingredients, application, and benefits of our products/services.


Cultivating a symbiotic relationship with like-minded communities to collectively share information and resources.


Forge productive partnerships with suppliers and manufacturers to achieve Economic of Scale to produce cost competitive green products/services.


Collaborate with researchers, manufacturers, and ingredient owners to achieve Economic of Scope to offer a wide selection of green products/services.